About us

Rivercrest Farm

Rivercrest Farm is located in the Prospect area of Oldham County Kentucky, adjacent to the Ohio River. The rich soils of the rolling hills produce lush pastures of fescue and orchard grasses. Coupled with red and ladino clovers that we sow annually, these grass pastures produce a source of superior grazing during the warm months as well high protein hay, harvested and stored for feed during the colder winter months. Automatic water tanks provide a consistent and clean source of water and eliminate the bacteria and parasites often found in farm ponds and streams.

This superior pasture is supplemented with a feed program for our animals that consists of a combination of all-natural soy, corn, alfalfa, and other natural ingredients. No animal by-products, antibiotics or growth stimulants are added to our feed. We finish our steers in open paddocks and not in crowded concrete or muddy feedlots. Our broiler chickens are raised in moveable hoop houses in open grass and clover pasture and our laying hens have daily free-range access. Since the animals have plenty of space and aren't crowded in on one another they stay healthy and don't require the background doses of antibiotics frequently given to commercially produced cattle and chicken.

Rivercrest Farm participates in the Kentucky State Department of Agriculture's Kentucky Proud Producer and BQA (beef quality assurance) programs. These programs have strict guidelines that require source and age verification as well as safe and healthy production practices. We also are members of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, the Oldham County Cattlemen's Association and the Kentucky Forage and Grassland Council.

We are particularly pleased with our affiliation with the HAT Ranch in Coon Rapids Iowa (www.hatranch.com) which provides the genetic base for our beef cattle herd. In 1984, current HAT Ranch owner Doug Honold, met Gordy Fordyce and shared thoughts about the cattle business and began planning to raise top quality cattle. Honold brought a lifetime of experience in breeding Angus cattle to their partnership and Fordyce added his expertise in feed sales, nutrition, and management gained during an extensive career with Purina Feeds. They took a great idea and ran with it. Now, after more than 20 years of hard work, they've formed a network of producers who own 30,000 mother cows in eight states. Doug says, "Our belief is that when you purchase a bull or a heifer, you should expect sales support from your supplier. Our expertise is in building a Total Breeding System that will give herd uniformity, consistency, and predictability." And that's exactly what you get with Rivercrest Beef!

Our partners in poultry production include Mt. Healthy Hatcheries in Ohio and Myer Poultry in western Pennslyvania. Both of these producers manage NPIP certified flocks and produce high-quality healthy chicks